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Game and Nature

The Japanese Garden was created in the beginning of the 20th century, on the occasion of the Global Exhibition in 1913. It is one of the most popular places for walks. Apart from a few hundreds of original plants, trees, bushes and flowers, there are also Japanese buildings: the gate and the tea pavilion.

The Oder is a river in Central Europe. It rises in the Czech Republic and flows through western Poland, later forming 187 kilometres of the border between Poland and Germany, part of the Oder–Neisse line.



Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw, known as an “oasis of beauty and peace” in the heart of a city, is a “live museum” and a research and teaching centre as well as a favourite place to rest for the citizens of Wroc?aw.

Wroclaw ZOO has more than 150 year old history, making it the oldest in the country. It is also the most famous one thanks to the TV show “With a camera among animals”.